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Julie Bergan - Kiss Me Better (Official Music Video)
Julie Bergan

Julie Bergan - Kiss Me Better (Official Music Video)

Thank you for checking out the official Kiss Me Better music video!! I hope you love it - remember to follow and ring the bell Icon for all my new songs and videos!! Add Kiss Me Better to your playlists her: ------------- Follow Julie Bergan: TikTok: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Video directed by: Julie Bergan & Abdikadir Abdullahi Filmed by: Abdikadir Abdullahi, Julie Bergan and Linn-Maria Hansen Holst Edited by: Abdikadir Abdullahi and Julie Bergan Produced by: Sony Music & Karate Records MUA: Hanne Carlsen Dancing queens: Merete Omtvedt, Mathea Nicolaisen, Mari Solberg, Aurora Calmeyer, Daniela Saldivar, Anne Kathrin Kühn, Ane Dahlø, Marte Baukhol, Katarina Harestad Haukaas, Gudrun Skorpe, Wanja Merethe Nerli, Vilde Blegen, Mathilde Villaroel, Elise Raud Helset, Marte Magnussen, Katelin Haugen, Marthe Svarteberg, Katja Ruud Olaussen, Anna Elisabeth Løberg Kihle, Synne Solbakken. KISS ME BETTER Vocals: Julie Bergan Background vocals: Julie Bergan Programming: Albin Clern & Jesper Borgen Bass: Albin Clern & Jesper Borgen Keys: Albin Clern & Jesper Borgen Vocal Production: Albin Clern & Jesper Borgen Drums: Albin Clern & Jesper Borgen Produced Albin Clern, Jesper Borgen, Julie Bergan Recorded by Albin Clern & Jesper Borgen Mixed by Albin Clern Mastered by: Colin Leonard at SING Mastering, Atlanta, GA using SING Technology® (Patented) LYRICS: Never been so close but yet so far Never felt so light and loved so hard Never played around with broken hearts But here we are It’s like we’re going on and off again You say that it’s us Until the end But when we go out, I’m just a friend I fall apart I just want you to kiss me better Want you to kiss me better I just want you to kiss me better Cuz the sun won't shine on us forever I just want you to kiss me better Never been the type, to give it all Always been afraid to slip and fall Everything’s been safe within my walls But here we are #JulieBergan #KissMeBetter #eurodance
Oss Kvinner (Voksensmerter)
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